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The web is more than a decade old now, and literally thousands of studies have demonstrated that, no matter the business, an effective internet presence leads directly to positive financial benefits. And yet, many businesses large and small continue to publish web sites without adequate thought to how well their site communicates, navigates or supports their brand. On the web, your site is your company; the visitor may have nothing else to go on.

At PS Web Technologies, we believe the most effective web presences result from a thorough development process. When we build a site from the ground up, we employ a process we call Transformative Design. We abbreviate the Transformative Design process into four steps: discovery, disruption, illumination and validation.

First, we sit down with the client to discover the client's business situation, the brand dimensions, the business' vision for its future and how the web presence fits in. Second, we take what we've learned and bounce it around with our creatives in the interest of disrupting conventional wisdom and breaking though to innovative visual and communication concepts we can put into site comps and architecture. Our third step is take approved comps and architecture and flesh them out into the site build, illuminating the ideas that emerged from the disruption phase. And finally, we test and validate everything from functional, technical and user experience perspectives before we publish the new site to the web.

While we enjoy building entire sites from start to finish, not all clients need or want such a comprehensive effort; for those clients, PS Web Tech is able to offer its services in design, site architecture, content development and more. Whether we do it all or one part, our commitment to our customers remains the same.

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